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Friday, May 16, 2014

Tigrigna Traditional food

Ethiopian Argument | Friday, May 16, 2014

እንጀራThin, flat, spongy bread
ቂጫ/ጐጐFlat, round, unleavened, home made bread
ህምባሻ/ሕንባሻThick, round, leavened, home made bread
ሀንዛThin/thick home made corn-bread
ሺሮChickpea flour (like hummus)
ትምቲሞSpiced Beans/Lentils stew with hot paprika (Berbere)
ኣልጫSpiced Beef/chicken/Vegetable without hot paprika
ጸብሒ/ዝግኒSpiced Beef/Chicken/Vegetable with hot paprika
ኣጁቦA soft white cheese with a distinctive lumpy texture and mild flavour; similar to cottage cheese
ማይ ጨባsour-tasting liquid that is left over after milk or cream has been churned to make butter; it is similar to Butter milk
Source: http://www.memhr.org/

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